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Intuitive Readings & Assessments

Using your bodyfield’s map for healing...

Energy medicine is the most natural medicine in the world today because everything is energy! 


It assumes that dis-ease, dis-comfort, dys-function and illness are simply interruptions in the flow of energy in, around or through your physical body. When energy is stuck or stagnant, the systems, organs, and tissues in the physical body often become compromised. Since each of us needs a continual flow energy to operate efficiently, stagnant or misaligned energy can be seen much as a lack of food or water.

Eventually you no longer feel, or can do, your best. You experience dis-ease, dis-comfort, dys-function....on physical, emotional or mental levels.


Intuitive readings begin with me accessing your bodyfield's unique self-intelligent grid of light and information. Your body's magnetic energy field interacts within a sacred space where consciousness (the field) and your physical body come into resonance with my field.  It encompasses patterns, frequencies, and energetic modules that are readily available   It embraces the wisdom of the ancients and integrates the knowledge and expertise of shamans, sages, and mystics.


Imagine, if you will, that all of the radio stations in your community are pushing out a vibrational frequency of music at the same time. Yet you do not hear any of them until you 'turn on' a device that interprets that frequency for a radio. 

In the same way, all human beings are 'pushing out' their own unique frequencies in electromagnetic waves. On a very dense level, we all 'read' this energy. Through practice, I have learned to refine that 'tracking' so I can 'read' the energy in and around your body - your bodyfield. 


Since subtle energies flow between you and me when our fields are connected, they become gently entangled, allowing energy to 'move' within your bodyfield (on physical, emotional or mental levels).  There is an exchange, an energetic dance, between you and me.  


From this perspective, time and space are irrelevant.  Energy, as focused intent, manifests into matter (vibrational change) which gently prompts your bodyfield and hence your physical body to adjust. This releases stagnant or misaligned energy patterns that prevent you from your optimal level.

Unlike traditional western medicine, natural approaches like energy medicine cannot hurt you. Energy is the 'patient' and the 'treatment'.  There are no chemicals injected into your body and no surgical procedures performed.  Your own body's energies and the quantum waves within are shifted towards higher frequencies of more positive alignment. 

Change occurs in the bodyfield, the grid, and the field of energy  that weaves in and out of your physical body. Thus, they have the potential to positively transform you, your health and thus your life. 


I work with the challenges that present within the matrix of your unique energy field. My primary interest and focus, as in Traditional Chinese Medicine, lies in the underlying dis-comfort or dis-ease more than in the symptoms that may be presenting. Only by dis-covering this can we hope to alleviate the symptoms.

All healing requires your participation. You need not understand nor be fluent in articulating the nuances of natural medicine, but YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN BODY'S ABILITY TO HEAL!


My approach suggests that you begin with an "intuitive reading" session (in-person or distance) prior to engaging in any of my other services. 

I offer one follow-up 'recheck' of your bodyfield (approximately one week following), if you desire, as part of my commitment to your healing journey.

Welcome donation by cash/check only:

Initial reading:  $300

Follow-up within 6 months:  $125

Follow-up 6+ months:  $225

Initial Child (birth -14 yrs) reading:  $85

Initial Child (14yrs +):  $125

ALL follow-ups for children:  $45

Veterans of ALL service branches:  No charge...ever

What to expect...


Private, in-person sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes, but may be completed in less time, depending upon the nature of your visit.


Prior to our first meeting, I access information about you by connecting with the energy of your bodyfield. This is typically occurs while you are at home, asleep!  I detect and 'read' the music (vibrational frequency) that you play. I record my findings on a tracking sheet (provided to you following the reading) with full explanation of my understanding of your bodyfield's energy. When we are together, we share and discuss this reading. Then, as directed by my 'team' and within the energy matrix that surrounds us, we utilize this information to facilitate energetic shifts and adjustments for integration within your field.


You receive a diagram indicating energetic compromises as well as a full written 'report' of the reading of your bodyfield with explanations and suggestions for self-empowering your healing journey. (See sample reading below.)


Exercises or techniques for balancing the bodyfield are explained and 'taught' during this initial meeting. On occasion, flower essences are recommended to balance a mental and/or emotional compromise



Clients who cannot travel, live in 'distant places' or prefer to receive their session remotely are also scheduled for 90 minutes. As in an 'in-person' session, I access information about your personal energy by connecting with your bodyfield. I initiate all shifts of energy during this session (and subsequent sessions as directed), with a weekly follow-up to assess the changes and to facilitate additional energetic shifts that feel appropriate for your bodyfield.


You may email or phone me with your request for a session that will be conducted and delivered 'energetically' to you. Upon the receipt of your check, I will begin my work. Subsequently I will send a confirmation email (or hard copy if requested) with a detailed description of the session and explanations of what I 'read' and complete on the day of the first session. (Please do not be concerned that energetic shifts will overwhelm you. Patterns and frequencies will be 'held' in your field until the most appropriate time for personal integration into your body-environment.)  


As human energy beings, we co-exist with other energy beings in a vast interconnected web or matrix of energy.  At a profound level, tiny energy quanta that make up all matter and energy respond to focused intention. 


Within this web, we work in concert with nature.  Focused intent is a power that exists outside of linear time and space but can have real effects. 


The theory of 'quantum entanglement' states that when two things are connected (two energy fields) and then separated, they are still connected on some plane of existence. Thus, once I connect with your body-field, I can continue to facilitate the shifting or release of stagnant energy as long as you desire.

There is no definition of 'time' or 'space' within energetic realms.  Time/space is a continuum.


There is a tone or vibrational frequency that your body is ‘pushing out’ to the universe consistently.  When I track your energy, I am tapping into this vibrational message (a bit like hearing your music from your radio station).  I sense discordant ‘music’ as energy that is not flowing optimally.  Since energy ‘wants’ to move, not doing so creates compromise in the human bodyfield (the physical body or the field of energy that surrounds it).  With your ‘permission’, I then track more deeply into the body’s cells, tissues and organs to locate the initiating factors of discordance.  I am less interested in your symptoms or ‘diagnosis’ than I am in what brought you to that compromised energy state.


You are made of the same energy as the universe and its innate intelligence.  You manage energy by ‘who’ you are being.  We often forget our magnificence, our divinity, our perfection and create belief systems (thoughts and emotions) in our subconscious that manifest in physical discomfort or dis-ease.  We give our power away to those belief systems.  Energy is all there is.  Matter follows energy.  When your energies are vibrant, so is your body. 


There are a number of compromises in the energy that are reflected in your 2nd chakra.  This chakra is the ‘chakra of creation’.  It is where the empty organs are located (bladder, kidneys, intestines and reproductive organs).  We create feces and urine and babies within this energy, but it is also the energy that allows us to create or ‘re-birth’ the self.  Your 2nd chakra shows compromise in these ways:

  • Grid distortion at lumbar #5

  • A physical priority in your skin, also at lumbar #5, that is manifesting in your left ovary

  • Incoherency in the lower torso, manifesting in cerebrospinal fluid/craniosacral system

  • Cerebrospinal fluid pulse that weakens before it enters the 2nd chakra

  • Electrical and chemical incoherency in the kidney meridian and the energy of the organ

  • Stagnant energy in the Sacrospinalis muscle at lumbar #5

  • Stagnant energy in the skin at lumbar #5

  • Chakra compromise in the ‘liberating current’ (upward flow of energy) that starts in the 2nd chakra, and then affects all chakras above that


The 5th lumbar vertebra manages energy related to feeling ‘at home’.  You could interpret this to mean ‘at home in your body, or in your family or your physical home or even in your community’.  But, in essence, this means to me that you are not ‘at home’ being you, on a journey that is expanding and exploring in every day that you remain on earth.  Not feeling so (because you are looking backwards or stuck in the past) prevents the ‘at home’ feelings.


Kidneys manage the energy of ‘gentleness with the self’ – or when they are compromised – a fear of getting started with what you know you need to do, on a soul level.  The fear to let go of the old (thoughts, emotions, people, relationships, heartache, etc) can be paralyzing to the energetic body.  And, eventually this becomes physical so you will realize that you are stuck.  It’s symbolic, as the body is a map of consciousness.  (Kidney stones are the crystallization of bits of fear.) Your kidney meridian is ‘frozen’….locked in fear of getting started.


When the ‘skin’ is compromised, as yours is, it is reflective of a heightened state of alert (as the skin is the largest organ of the body and the first place where we sense/feel emotion).  Your energy tells me that you are uncertain about feeling at home (lumbar 5).....and afraid to ‘get started’, likely with re-birthing yourself (creating a new you).  This is why the priority is manifesting in the lymphatic system/ovary.  Lymph carries fluid that manages immunity.  If you feel immune to ‘birthing’ You, you simply will be unable to do it!  (More interesting however, is the fact that there is no energy that I track that is stagnant anywhere in your reproductive system.  It is simply taking on this challenge to show you what you need to do….re-birth!)  Neoplasms or tumors are the body’s brilliant attempt to protect cells whose energy has become incoherent or stagnant.  They are, in my opinion, positive….not negative occurrences.


Two radiant circuits are depleted….the belt flow, which connects the upper body with the lower body….and the regulator flow, which quite literally regulates communication and coordination within the cells and circuits of the body.  This is of interest because the tissue is ‘on’ at your occipital bone (back of your head).  (This means that the energy is stuck/not getting in/out efficiently.) This bone is considered to be Grand Central Station, as all light and information that comes into the body from the universe/divine enters here.  As it enters the body, it filters through the hard drive of your computer, the ‘programming’ in the brain that has recorded all of your experiences about how to maneuver in life….and then directs the ‘Self’ accordingly.  Too often, however, that programming information is not useful as one’s life changes.  The old information does not provide guidance for a new part of your journey.  We must change how we think….and new information offers new instructions (but only if it can get in!)  You/your energy has ‘disconnected’ the lower part of your body (your human emotions) from the upper part (your divine thoughts), as indicated by a depleted belt flow.  And the deepest communication flow (regulator radiant circuit) is also depleted….perhaps because it cannot cross the ‘great divide’ between the upper and the lower body – your human self to your divine self!


There is also stagnant energy in your left neck extensors.  This muscle, at the back of your neck, is guided by the stomach meridian (which manages the energy of ‘trust’ when optimal and ‘worry’ when compromised).  Your central nervous system is compromised in the 12th cranial nerve (extending along the neck).  This is the hypoglossal nerve and its work is to help you masticate or chew up the energy (food or emotions) so you can swallow and digest it….eventually letting go of what no longer serves you.


Your assemblage point (place where universal/divine energy assembles at your grid) is not directly in front of you, not pouring energy into your heart.  Rather it is left, which means that the divine light and information that is flowing to you ‘wants’ you to be willing to receive more (yin/left/magnetic side of the body) universal love.


Finally, your ‘locus of control’ is dissonant.  Your ego/human self wants to feel at home (L5) but your soul self is prompting you to explore, expand or re-discover your sense of self (C7).


Overall, your energy does not indicate that the compromise that is manifesting in your reproductive system is life-threatening (even at stage four, as defined by western medicine).  However, if you do not find a way to let go of superfluous aspects of the life/person that you ‘were’ and move forward towards new beginnings…. emerging into a more genuine reflection of yourself at this time on your journey….then the demise that has been predicted could manifest.  Leaving the physical body permanently (dying) is simply one choice.  It relieves you from having to change or take responsibility for your soul’s continued expansion.  It’s not a good choice, nor is it a bad one.  It’s simply a choice.  But the brilliance of this soul journey dictates you can always choose differently, awakening to your body’s prompts. 


Listen to your heart, your soul, your gut instincts.  What are they trying to tell you about ‘new life’?  What needs to change?  What can you let go of so you can become the most brilliant, beautiful YOU at this time?!

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