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Archetypal Consulting

Interpreting Your Personal Chart of Origin
and Soul Contract


Prior to your birth, you participated in scripting a personal life plan of psyche and soul. That life plan, as defined by Caroline Myss, is your Sacred Contract (Myss, 2002). The events, relationships, challenges, and opportunities you face on earth are a manifestation of this spiritual document. Your Sacred or 'Soul' Contract is a life assignment that is encoded within archetypal patterns designed to help you discover, understand and fulfill your contract. 


This personal team of ancient and universal patterns (archetypes) is drawn from the collective conscious of humanity. 


During private consultation, I assist you with moving beyond the 'contract' your ego would like you to have - and on to the Sacred or 'Soul' Contract that your soul actually agreed to by developing and interpreting your personal Chart of Origin.


Contact/Donation for Guidance

You are responsible for purchasing a set of cards at or  for casting.

2. Casting of a Directed Chart for guidance on health or other personal issues

(must have previously developed a Chart of Origin to request this session) - $150


  • One hour discussion and interpretation of archetypes and related astrological houses using your question/issue for direction.

  • Written recap of above with questions to guide your continued exploration.

3. Casting of Three-Wheeled (36 archetypes) Chart for in-depth interpretation and guidance on personal issues (must have previously developed a Chart of Origin to request this session) - $200


  • One hour discussion of a chart using YOUR question for direction and three 'wheels' (Chronos, Kairos and Cosmic) for guidance.


  • Discussion for selection of Kairos archetypes.


  • Casting of the chart using 36 archetypes and discussion of interpretive and intuitive 'hits'.

4. Casting of the Chart of Charism for discovery and illumination of your personal Divine 'graces'

(must have previously developed a Chart of Origin to request this session) - $175


  • One hour discussion/interpretation of this casting, using a two-wheeled chart (Chronos and Charism).


  • Written recap including questions to guide continued exploration and self-discovery

Certified Archetypal Consultant

CMED Institute 

Description of Archetypal Consulting Services


1. Guided exploration of  personal archetypes and casting of your Chart of Origin - $175


  • One hour discussion towards understanding Sacred Contracts within which you will be directed on how to select a group of archetypes that will become your 'core family' or Chart of Origin. One set of astrological house cards for casting will be provided to you. 


  • One hour follow-up discussion after the selection of your personal archetypes during which we will cast your chart and review the astrological house placements' influences.

  • Discuss Intuitive 'Hits' - Discussion of archetypes and the related houses, including one or two questions to guide your continued exploration.

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