Thank you for your interest in studying the work of Jane Roberts/Seth.  I LOVE the work that Jane and her husband, Robert Butts did to bring forth the teachings.  Their commitment was beyond extraordinary.  Jim Henson, who created the Muppets, participated in these channeled sessions in Elmira, NY.  Richard Bach, the author who wrote ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ and ‘Illusions:  The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah’ was also inspired by this work.

I have created a soil-less garden for Building a Bridge to the Seth Teachings from which I will co-create and develop.  This work will begin the 3rd week of October.  To accommodate and include as many interested people as possible, I will hold two sessions each month – one on Thursday evening from 7-9 pm and one on Saturday morning from 8:30-10:30 am.  You are welcome to attend either session during the month.  (I ask that you register for one so I can plan accordingly.  If you need to change from evening to morning on any month to accommodate your life, feel free to ask.  Groups sometimes need a little ‘shaking up’ with a new person joining!)  The dates for the first three months are:

  • Thursday, October 15th or Saturday, October 17th

  • Thursday, November 19th or Saturday, November 21st

  • Thursday, December 17th or Saturday, December 19th


Assuming that this schedule feels comfortable, I will continue into 2021 in the same way.


We will meet at my home (6050 Whitegate Crossing) for each workshop study.  This will eliminate the need for following social distancing guidelines deemed necessary for hotels/conference spaces.  As the days unfold, these are continually re-envisioned.  As for concerns regarding COVID-19, I am not in control, nor can I manage the fears of others.  While I am respectful that many are locked in that paradigm, my goal in exploring and teaching the work of Seth is to dispel that pervasive belief so hearts can open more completely to the purest essence of the Self.  I will not wear a mask, and masks will not be required, but are optional if you feel so inclined.


If you have not yet been introduced to the Seth teachings and you wish to read in preparation, Seth Speaks is a good place to begin.  I intend to introduce, develop and guide you along the way, so if reading is not ‘your thing’ or when you pick up any Seth book, it feels like goobledeegook, please know that it is not mandatory!  I will likely pop in and out of several books at one time since the consciousness entity of Seth worked on developing a clearer understanding as sessions evolved over the years.  I have read and reread these writings many times.


Each monthly session will cost $20 per person and provide you with materials for reading, studying and reflecting upon the beliefs you have trusted so you are able to ‘peel the layers’ and discover your clearest YOU.  Discussion will be encouraged as long as it lends to a greater understanding.  I do reserve the right to move ahead if one is stuck – and it does not benefit the group.  I will offer an assignment after each session.  Life, in the 3D realm will continue for all (I assume), so a monthly meeting allows time to digest, discuss, or simply wonder about the work.  As always, I will be available by email between sessions for questions as you delve… as deeply as you choose.


Please send me an email with the following if you are still interested in participation:

  • Your name

  • Your preference of Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings.

If this does not feel like a step on your journey at this time – and you have received this letter, please let me know that you are opting out.


The Autumn Equinox is on September 22nd at 9:31 am EDT.  As I understand nature, this is the beginning of the ‘new year’.  I co-create my journey for the ‘year’ ahead at this time.  On September 23, 2019, I received this guidance for my work:

              Restore and infuse life vitality with the guidance of the Eternal Child whose true value lies in scribing, not authoring, but channeling so I am able to Shape-Shift through next steps on my journey.  I must be personally responsible for Empathy – for all. 

Patience is the counsel.  Wait for fruit to ripen.  See consequences before acting.  We are not ‘do-ers’.  We are deciders.  This may well be a trying time.  Certainly, it is a meaningful one.  Set yourself in order.  Tend to business.  Be clear and wait on the will of creation.


I am excited to see what the new year holds and look forward to exploring with you!  I will send a detailed plan to anticipated participants for the October class after this event…although all things are subject to change! 😊


Enjoy the last days of summer’s glory. 

Sending love and warm blessings~


© 2017 by Susan Koehler




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