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NEW Workshop ...

Advanced QIF (Quantum Information Framework) workshop currently in planning phase… focused on in-depth exploration of tracking energy through

TCM Five Element Theory. 😊

We will track cycles that reverse and therefore 'insult' or 'dismiss' the energies' ability to provide optimal support, and thus healing.

This workshop is both cognitive and experiential.

Therefore, it is limited to six participants.

As we move closer to the expanded magnetic influences of solar energy, our own magnetic influence will also expand.  It will be incumbent upon each of us to 'be of service'... and thus we will, in this workshop, offer our own light and information, downloaded in the moment, for each participant, individually.  Some may call this 'hands-on healing', but we will be working on the etheric body, as it organizes the physical body.

This workshop is FULLY enrolled. 

Saturday, February 3rd

9 am - 12 noon

$130 per person

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