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What is 'Light Language' and what is its purpose?


Light language is the song of your soul.  It emanates in vibration and echoes into the unified energy field that surrounds your physical body.  When there is disturbance in the flow of energy within your bodyfield, you are unable to 'hear' your own music  It goes unrecognized, often creating uncertainty or loss of direction on your soul's journey.


Humans are vibrational beings.  Every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies is resonating to a vibrational frequency, a harmony that is unique to you.  We are meant to play our music for the be our unique shine our light!  

I 'listen' to the vibrations of your bodyfield with my hands and express this through my voice.  Although this may seem odd, it is simply a way of utilizing the five-sensory brilliance of the body in a more integrated, expanded way.

Why do I use it in tuning the bodyfield?


Light language activates cell memory and facilitates recall of inner knowing and wisdom from past, previous and future lives (which, incidentally, are all occurring in the same moment!).  It connects you to realms of wisdom beyond your three-dimensional physical body.  When you, your soul self, finds resonance with the perfection of the song of your soul, you feel more secure and self-confident on your journey.  


What does Light Language sound like?


Light language is unique to each individual.  For some, it is a series of tones.  For others, it prompts staccato utterances, in pitches both high and low.  A child recently described it as 'Minion-talk'!  In all cases, it is familiar to your 'Self' and typically feels relaxing to you and your bodyfield.

Light Language

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