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Meet Susan

I am Susan Koehler.

In 2007 my earth journey was interrupted by a dismal cancer diagnosis...inviting me to begin again

This redirection of my path led me to study and research natural and indigenous healing practices to restore balance and harmony

in my own bodyfield. 

I chose not to engage western, allopathic treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and employed only alchemical approaches.

Today I work with individuals to explore the unique metaphysical

 effects upon the physical body that lead to the manifestation of

dys-function, dis-comfort and dis-ease.   

I focus on the precise tracking of dissonance with the intent to facilitate optimal balance in each person's bodyfield.

We discuss the ways in which their personal archetypal myths

of family and culture influence their personal health and wellness.


I perceive imbalance as disturbed patterning...stuck  energy, squiggly lines, or puzzle pieces that have been bumped or moved and are now confused and misplaced in the  design of the human bodyfield. 

Together, with my guides, I co-creatively design a plan to 'reprogram' the holographic crystalline matrix 

to facilitate greater balance and harmony. 

This 'new'  program or plan for running the energy is energetically

uploaded into the 'hard drive' of the body and integrated during our time together.

As needed, I also track the effects of microbial imbalances in the bodyfield

that manifest as chronic dis-ease with the intent of optimizing the energy.  Optimal flow facilitates healing.

Upon request or as deemed necessary in family readings, I track the entrainment or dissonance of energies between children and parents in the family dynamic.  

I wish you endless blessings of peace, love and light!

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