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September 2022 musings…

Happy Autumn Equinox!

My wish is that this first day of Nature’s ‘new year’ finds you anticipating what may ‘come’ to you as you release the bounty that you have gathered for yourself this summer season, opening yourself to make space for an introspective dive and readying for the unique unfolding of the guiding thread of your soul journey!

In my family, summer is often filled with gatherings and activities that bring children and grandchildren together for short and longer periods of time.  We were filled with so much laughter and love this season! These memories and experiences both nurtured and challenged us to learn… from real human relationships… which brings me to the focus of these musings.

In February of this year, after discovering a single tuning fork deeply buried in my closet (perhaps lost because I wasn’t ready to fully understand what to do with it!), I pulled out the ‘tuning’ instruments and engaged in a vibrational study with a dynamic group of very willing participants.  I simply wanted the opportunity to listen to the sounds that were emanating from their bodyfields, while responsively meeting them with the vibrations of different forks so I could understand how sound-light effects change.  (I am eternally grateful to these volunteers who came to my office diligently, on time, for weeks so I could play!)


Over the past months, my team of dynamic yet subtle guides have offered a rich depth of understanding of this experience.  It has stimulated both my perceptions and my actions on all levels.   I have always believed, even as a child, that my heart was connected to something, mostly unexplainable, yet very real.  Lately, I have been prompted to connect more deeply. 


As many of you know, most often when working with clients, I ‘see’ images of what my team is attempting to share or teach me… and then I endeavor to translate that into the vernacular that is generally accepted… or I use vibrational discourse, ‘light language’, to commune. 

In both cases, my voice is carried on waves of light and sound.  The ‘waves’, as I experience them, carry little bubbles of information that either engage other bubbles in communion or bump vigorously into one another.  This ‘bumping’ process is what has caught my interest.  


Bumping caused the sound-light (of the tuning fork or my voice) to distort, wobble or even drop off.   I was quickly directed (naturally by my ‘team’), to restore the bubble(s) by dropping a magnet or a crystal into the distortion.  Once cleared and realigned, the waves/bubbles exchanged more optimally.


We humans are both physical and subtle.  There is a somewhat elusive ‘bubble’ of energy (sometimes called the field) that surrounds the form of humans… creating a body-field.  Each of you has likely had many experiences when your ‘field’ meets another long before the physical body connects.  Sometimes, there is communion and nurturing engagement.  At other times, an ‘other-worldly’ sensory system detects dissonance or threat and the field quickly informs the physical body.  This may propel you to high alert, anxiety or fear.   But you KNOW that the energy is not going to feel welcome. 

I believe this is the same effect as created when using a tuning fork that overloads the field with vibration.  We are human ‘tuning forks’ emanating the vibrations of our uniquely divine music, in search of deep communion.

If this is so, you may wonder, how do we get ‘sick’? 

I believe that the brilliance of your ‘bubble’ is innately and actively in pursuit of connection all of the time.  Yet, we live on a planet that is based on polarity and duality.  You do not need more light, nor more darkness.  You need both to expand and explore on your journey.  


Challenge prompts change.  If you do not ‘stub your toe’, twist your ankle, or strain your knee, you will not likely sit down to smell the roses (although that’s not always the first choice!).  If you do not have an ornery relative who pushes your buttons as well as one who warms your heart, your bodyfield is missing or overloaded with some universal vibrations.  We need all of them, but not all of the time!

When the ‘bubble’ of you is not floating along in perfect harmony with the yearnings of your soul, it feels distorted.  It feels wobbly.  It feels like you are not ‘fully in your body’.  The divine aspect that is YOU is still perfect, but the bubble needs to be harmoniously restored to balance.  Sometimes that means you need to be prompted a bit, pushed forward, or shoved down the rabbit hole to re-engage the full diversity of waves and bubbles!  Human relationships offer all of these opportunities.


Today, on this first day of autumn, I urge you to change the lens of your perception on just one relationship that may have caused you angst, currently or in the past.  See the silly little ‘other’ bubble all distorted and twisted up and ‘push’ out your most calm, loving demeanor.  Offer him or her the deepest reverence for a soul journey that can only be understood by the human who is living it. 

Open your hands.  Bow your head and know that your ‘bubble’ can and does make a difference!

Love and blessings~

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