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Sample Reading

This is my tracking sheet of places within your bodyfield where energy is compromised.  At no point on this human journey, except for the moment before birth and the moment of ‘death’ are all data points completely balanced.  (Body parts/areas not highlighted are more efficient.)  However, the closer to balance the energies/percentages are, the more YOU are expressing the uniqueness of you in this incarnation. 


I read the body and its energies symbolically, like a map.  This is like taking a ‘snapshot’ of your energetic bodyfield in a moment.  (Energy is constantly moving – even if it is very dense and slow.)  It is not a report card of how well you are (or are not), but rather it portrays how efficiently your energy is able to flow unimpeded within your body and the field that surrounds it.  The flow of energy determines the state of health and balance.


When you are in Energetic Balance with yourself, you are in balance with your spiritual self, your heart and you cease to have any personal turmoil or suffering.  This leads to increasing health and peace. When you are emotionally healthy and peaceful you are able to access your spiritual self and heart intelligence/soul easily.



There is a tone or vibrational frequency that your unique body is ‘pushing out’ to the universe consistently.  When I track/read your energy, I am tapping into this vibrational message (a bit like hearing your music from your radio station).  I sense discordant ‘music’ as energy that is not flowing optimally.  Since it is natural for energy to move, not doing so creates energetic compromise in the human bodyfield (within the physical body or the field of energy that surrounds it).  With your ‘permission’, I am able to track more deeply into the body’s cells, tissues and organs to locate the initiating factors of discordance.  I am less interested in your symptoms or ‘diagnosis’ than I am in the precipitating cause that got you to this compromised energetic state! 


You are made of the same energy as the universe and its innate intelligence.  You manage energy by ‘who’ you are being.  We often forget our magnificence, our divinity, our perfection and accept or create belief systems (thoughts and emotions) in our subconscious that manifest in physical discomfort or dis-ease.  We give our power away to those belief systems.  Energy is all there is.  Matter follows energy.  When your energies are vibrant, so is your body.


We function on four levels at all times.  Our Soul is designed to express its perfection through the Physical body by passing through the Emotional and Mental vibrations.  If these two are flowing efficiently, the Physical body exhibits a state of health/balance.  If there are thoughts or emotions that are dissonant, the Soul/Spirit is unable to exhibit perfection in the Physical body…and instead there is dis-comfort, dys-function or eventually, dis-ease.  Your mental vibration is not in alignment with the other three – and is registering a vibration of ‘obsession’, as though you/your energy is focused on one thing that has disturbed the optimal flow.


Your bodyfield is very stable at this vibration (1,040,000), with most of the data points at 83%.  (Those that are not at 83% reflect some degree of imbalance.)  There is, however, an imbalance in that is reflected in your ability to ‘burn as brightly’ as your Soul desires.  This is a very small pattern of imbalance in the energy of Kidney/Bladder meridians.  These two energy channels manage the e-motions (energy in motion) of your bodyfield’s experience.  Bladder governs Trust, when it is balanced.  Kidney governs Gentleness with the Self.

  • Grid distortion (Bladder energy)

  • Coherency of lower torso (Uriniferous tubules/Urinary system)

  • Left peroneus (muscle governed by Bladder meridian)

  • Body/soul imbalance (imbalance in Kidney energy)

There is also energy conscripted in your Tongue, which is governed by the element of Fire (typically associated with the Triple Warmer meridian (stress, fight, flight or freeze), but ‘controlled’ (according to TCM Five Element Theory) by the element of Water (Kidney/Bladder).


Your 3rd and 6th chakra vortices are both distorted and spinning to the left of your body…. indicating some question about your self-confidence/self-esteem and your trust in your intuitive abilities (gut instincts).


If you refer to the QIF reading, you will see that the imbalances in energy occur in the element of Wood (Liver/Gallbladder).  If you can imagine that in order for your ‘Fire to burn as brightly as your Soul desires’, you must put good Wood on the Fire, you will see why it’s so important that the element of Wood de-tox the energy of your bodyfield efficiently.  (Liver and Gallbladder have the job of de-toxing…. food and drink, but also thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc.)  Otherwise, the Wood that fuels your Fire is not serving your highest journey!


Your astrological reading exhibits several points of interest.

  • Your natal Sun is in Pisces, indicating a propensity towards intuitive ability.  It’s located in the 12th house (of the subconscious) which makes it very ‘watery’ or emotional.  Venus (ruling love or connections) and Mars (ruling action/war) are also in the 12th house.

  • Your natal Ascendant (AC) is at 1* of Aires, which is a ‘fiery’ indication.  You yearn for action!  You were born with Mars at 0*, which means that it held all of the potential of that fiery energy!  And now, in the progressed chart, Mars is at 29*…FULL of that energy of action and fire and conjunct a number of other planets (Mercury, Sun, Uranus and Venus), which creates a synergistic amplification of all of them.

  • One of the largest effects of astrology that everyone is experiencing is the energy between Pluto and Saturn.  Saturn is urging us to find the ‘time’ (as it is Father Time) to transform (Pluto energy) anything that has been holding you back.  For you, this is particularly important in your 10th and 11th houses (your highest potential as you share your hopes, dreams and wishes with the World).  This will begin to feel more intense in October – and reach a pinnacle by January of 2020.



YOU are the healer of your own bodyfield!CHANGE is possible if you are willing to begin to make changes to the way that you are thinking.Thoughts are things and literally manage the energy in motion (e-motions) of your bodyfield.  In order for anything to be different – to feel happier – you must change the way you think .(I have included a document called ‘The Basics’ to assist you in making these small changes!)Change will happen as fast as you/your bodyfield is ready to accommodate.(It can happen as quickly – or as slowly – as you desire.You are in complete control of this!)Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions don’t just exist in your mind.They are patterned into your energy system!When you realize that the Universe is only answering your vibration, then you understand that if you are victim to anything, it’s only your random or inefficient offering of vibration.

  • Your bodyfield yearns for balance in two ways.  Liver energy must be strengthened so there is balance between the Liver and Gallbladder meridians (These two govern anger…and releasing it effectively.)  You can support your bodyfield by Flushing the Liver meridian 2X daily.

  • Your bodyfield also needs to feel balanced emotions so you can feel confident about this journey.  Do the qigong Energy Gate for Kidney/Bladder 2X daily.

  • Immerse yourself in water (warm bath if possible), within the next 24 hours.  Toxins (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc) will attempt to clear and ‘flow’ will facilitate a smooth ‘flushing’ of these toxins from the physical body...and will energize the bodyfield. 


WHAT CAN WE DO?  I have tracked one web of information that needs holographic reprogramming within the template of your bodyfield.  There are 16 compromises in your bodyfield that require clearing/balancing.  The goal of holographic reprogramming is to identify the ‘puzzle’ pieces that have been disturbed within the bodyfield and are now linked, like a web, to other issues, creating dis-ease, dis-comfort, dys-function, etc (so they can be shifted to a more coherent vibration within your bodyfield).  Connections are identified by the number of holographic ‘bits’ (puzzle pieces in parentheses) that require reprogramming (of the billions that are within the bodyfield).