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Intuitive Readings and Assessments

My work is focused on intuitive reading and assessment of the field of energy that surrounds  your physical body (in-person or remote).  This tracking of your energy allows me to assess the balance and stability of your overall bodyfield, to see how your energy is moving as well as where it is compromised or stagnant.  Since the energetic body organizes the manifestation of health or dis-ease, understanding the flow of energy is essential.


Intuitive readings are like taking a picture.  They provide insight into your personal journey at this moment in time and assist in determining ways to facilitate greater balance and thus, joy, in your life.

Intuitive Readings are not physical treatments nor manipulation of the body.  I work within the field of energy that supports and surrounds the body.  Change is the determinant for evolutionary growth on this human journey.  Assessments offer a multi-layered approach to healing that require:

  • Acceptance:  You must accept the possibility of healing.

  • Intention:  You must have intention to heal, grow or change.

  • Allowance:  You must allow... be willing to change for healing or expansion to take place.

  • Completion:  You must agree to persist until your bodyfield is balanced - if healing is to occur.


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Archetypal Consulting

It is my understanding that prior to birth,we all participated in scripting a personal life plan of psyche and soul. The events, relationships, challenges, and opportunities we face on earth are a manifestation of this spiritual life plan or document. 


Your Sacred or 'Soul' Contract contains life assignments that are encoded within archetypal patterns designed to help you discover, understand and fulfill this personal contract. 

During private consultation, I assist you with moving beyond the 'contract' your ego/human self would like you to have - and on to the Sacred or 'Soul' Contract that your soul-consciousness actually agreed to by developing and interpreting your personal Chart of Origin.


This process includes casting:

  • Your Chart of Origin (based on the twelve houses of astrology)

Additional charts may be cast for guidance

  • A Directed Chart for Guidance using your Family of Origin Or Kairos archetypes (in the moment guides)

  • A Three-Wheeled (36 archetypes) Chart for In-Depth Interpretation and Guidance

  •  A Chart of Charism for Discovery and Illumination of your Personal Divine 'Graces'

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