a 3-part series

10/9, 10/30, 11/13

Maximum class size is limited to 12 participants

to allow for adequate support and understanding.

9 am - 1 pm

6050 Whitegate Crossing

Details added as developed...

This workshop is designed to assist participants 

in tracking vibrations of dissonance in the human bodyfield

that manifest in symptoms (dis-ease, dys-function, dis-comfort). 

The workshops will be cumulative in nature.

A full resource notebook will be compiled with indexed tabs for easy reference.

October 9th - Understanding the Maps:  Body systems, organs, bones, muscles, field, grid

October 30th - 'Routes' into the bodyfield:  chakras, meridians, & fractal geometry

Tracking the core issue of incoherency

November 13th - Optimizing balance; suggestions, thoughts, ideas to 'do'!


Cost:  $300 for the series of three workshops

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open space for the full workshop.

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