**This workshop is now fully enrolled.

Saturday, December 7, 2019    9:30 am – 1 pm
Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, 8005 Sheridan Road, Clarence

I have been patiently awaiting the perfect timing for the description of this workshop, first suggested by my team late this summer.  Bits and pieces had appeared, but I could not grasp the full DDP (definition, direction and purpose) of this soil-less garden.  So, I waited. Last Saturday I received the message to begin.

I was standing quietly awaiting an inipi ceremony (sweat lodge) when I glanced into the brilliant blue sky above.  There in the wispy clouds was the face of my beloved teacher, Dr. Lloyd Elm, who gifted me the Lakota name, Sa-Go-Lea Hun-Yah-Nay Go-Wah,

and had crossed into pure consciousness just two weeks earlier.  

I am passing this walking stick to you, I heard him say.  Walk fearlessly. Take flight.

I had been feeling disorganized and distracted since the full moon.  Since the energy waxes prior to this lunar event, the words and phrases that I had been jotting were abundant and the top of my desk, a mess with piles of thoughts and reflections.

 I stacked the scraps and puzzle pieces of notes and began….

•    Definition:  This is a workshop offered for twenty participants on Saturday, December 7, 2019 from 9:30 am till 1 pm.  The participant cost is $125.

•    Direction: This workshop is designed to optimize the vibrational frequency of participants through tuning both the body/sentient being and the unique subtle field effects within. This is a ‘pay it forward - gift it back’ workshop, reflective of nature at its highest and best.

•    Purpose:  This workshop is intended to ‘call each home to his or her Self’…to release dissonance, to claim empowerment and to ‘be’ change for the self, and ultimately for the multiverse.


Eagles are widely regarded for the qualities of power, vision and transcendence.  

They are birds of prey who fly only with other eagles.  They meticulously choose and then mate… for life.  They are incredible nurturers of their young, teaching them to fly by dropping them gently onto the wind.  When aging/ time seems to have taken its toll on their physical presence, they retreat, knocking off their own beaks, plucking out their talons and then their feathers…

initiating a re-birth that often extends their life for thirty to forty more years.

Are you challenging yourself with jumbled mind-body information that you have organized into symptoms?  Are you creating trials and tribulations to escalate your learning process?        


Are you present?  

You can only feel in present time.  Feelings cannot be accessed in the past or the future.  Memories can stimulate or create feelings, but they are nevertheless present moment feelings…

What is the depth of your inner awareness?  

Are you aware of your unique power, vision and transcendence?  

Are you aware that you are aware?  

Are you gently dropping yourself onto the wind to test your wings….

to see if you can take flight?

We are energetic, vibrational beings with unlimited powers of perception.  

We have the ability to effect incredible change in ourselves and on the planet.  

This workshop will be an interactive workshop, designed for each to ‘pay it forward’, and thus ‘gift it back’ to the Self.  

Participation implies your willingness to assume a greater role than before.  


It is with great honor that I invite you to join me

and the subtle energies that have been guiding me for this shared experience.

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