Intuitive Reading and Assessment










Private in-person or Distance sessions  (Skype, phone or remote) for intuitive readings and energetic adjustments:

  • The rate for an initial intuitive energy reading for each adult session is $300 for the first session, payable by cash or check.  (The rate is $125 for subsequent visits within 6 months of the initial reading; $225 if 6 months since last session.)  If PayPal payment is desired, please indicate PayPal in your email request.


  • Intuitive Readings for Sundancers of any Native American tradition are complimentary.


Working with Children

I have discovered, in my work with children, that it is essential to balance and harmonize at least one parent for the most optimal opportunity for a child's healing. You may schedule this reading prior to or concurrent with your child's reading (if I have not worked with your bodyfield in a previous session).

  • The rate for children (birth to age 10) is $85 for the first visit ($45 for follow-ups) payable by cash or check prior to the session.

  • The rate for children 10-14 is $125 for the first visit ($125 for follow-ups).  Children 14+ are charged at the adult rate.


Working with Families

Clearing and balancing the energy of an entire family facilitates a positive impact on the vibrational frequency of the home environment that allows each soul the freedom to step forth more fully empowered.  (You must open the curtains before you clean the windows...therefore I require at least one adult in the family group to have a full intuitive reading prior to reading family groups.)

  • Please contact me directly if you wish to have a composite family reading.  (This is different than individual readings.)


 For in depth and detailed descriptions: Intuitive Reading


In-home or Hospital Visits

**Clients who request or require in-home, office or hospital visits will be charged $350 (+mileage if the travel exceeds 20 miles) for a 90 minute visit. Please discuss specific needs during the initial request.

Archetypal Consulting








Introduction to Archetypes and Casting the Chart of Origin

  • The rate for this session is $150.  (An intuitive reading is required prior to this work.)


Interpretive Chart (12 archetypes) for intuitive reading or guidance on a specific issue

  • The rate for this session is $125.


Casting and Interpretation of a 3-wheel chart (36 archetypes) for intuitive guidance on a specific issue or question...

  • The rate for this session is $175.


Casting and Interpretation of a Personal Chart of Charism (24 archeytpes) to reveal your intuitive gifts

  • The rate for this session is $125.

Working with the Archetypes of the Meridians

  (Please contact me directly for this work.)


Working with the Archetypes of Your Chakras

 (Please contact me directly for this work.)


For detailed descriptions: Archetypal Consulting

Intuitive Astrological Readings

If you are interested in understanding your energetic flow more deeply and wish to have an astrological chart with progressions and/or transits interpreted in addition to your reading, please indicated so on your request for an appointment.