Inside the Mirror

Co-Creating Balance After a Cancer Diagnosis

Featured in the New York Times bestseller "Radical Remission" by Kelly Turner, PhD


So there we sat in the deafening stillness of our living room digesting reality.  Suzie had undergone a barrage of tests for months.  Finally the phone call from her doctor put an end to speculation and the conclusion was conveyed.  Cancer was now the uninvited guest in our lives, Suzie was its host and 'months to live' was the dismal prognosis.

Healing journeys and the stories about them are inspiring yet often seem out of our grasp because the tales are about people who appear to turn their backs on what most are taught is the norm.  They are about people who take control of their own destiny and have the discipline and fortitude to become comfortable with being uncomfortable while taking the journey.  The majority of people who have been nurtured by modern medicine, upon receiving a diagnosis, live into the anticipated results they are told to expect. They become passengers on the modern western medicine journey and not navigators or conductors for their own destiny. 

Suzie’s decision to take control of her journey was completely hers and from that point on she never wavered. She felt that modern medicine had done its best job and she never once bashed the doctors for their expertise or advice. She was appreciative of their efforts and even more appreciative of finally having a clear understanding of what her physical being was facing and where she stood.  But the healing journey had to be hers by intention, design and discipline. That is her nature.

Suzie’s anticipated destination was the achievement of living cancer free. Like any trip, the journey itself became an adventure with many unexpected detours.  Over time even the terminology of our conversations changed as Suzie explored and incorporated newly acquired understandings.  Her body was no longer viewed as an anatomical thing with organs and tissues.  It became a field of energy with chakras, meridians and intentions.  Her purpose for exercising changed from muscle development with sets and reps to prompting, moving and balancing energy. Cancerous nodes and organs became areas where energy was stuck and needed to be cleared. Archetypes became friends and the healing journey a full time job - not appointments and treatments scheduled around someone else’s office hours.


She charted the course, set the goals, and suited up every day no matter how she felt physically.  She pushed herself to new limits. She took ownership!

Obviously Suzie survived.  She lived.  She learned to really become “alive.”                                                                        ~Bill Koehler



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