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Tracking Dissonance in the
Human Bodyfield 

This is the 2nd offering of 3-part series.

(first presented in the fall of 2021)

General Topics for Discussion

Part I - Understanding the Maps of the Body

Part II - Utilizing the Maps on the Journey

Part III - Optimizing Balance...Where to go...What to do!

Cost:  $125 per class; $350 for the series.  Class limited to 12 participants. 

No spaces currently available...

(I will keep a waiting list in case life interrupts any planning!)

Saturdays 9 am till 1 pm

6050 Whitegate Crossing, East Amherst

May 14th, June 4th, June 25th 

Route Planning

the Maps

  • Suggestions

  • Beliefs

  • Music of the Bodyfield

  • Self-care

  • Possessions, Spells & Curses

  • Orientation to the Body

  • Body Systems

  • Chakras

  • Meridians

  • Sample Readings implemented


          Utilizing the Maps
              on the Journey

  • The Body as a Map

    • Marking the Body​

    • Legends of the Body

  • Five Element Theory

    • Elements & Relationships​

    • Meridian Correspondences

  • External Qi ~ Internal Qi

    • QIF tracking​

    • Meridian Genius

    • Source Points


Optimizing Balance
Where to go..what to do

  • Energy Tracking

    • Tracking another​

  • Suggestions for Compromise

  • Expanding the Chakras Understanding

    • Chelation​

  • TCM Five Element Theory Implementation

    • Sacred Geometry​

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