Microbial Triangulation

Electron transfer is how microbes and cells talk to one another. When we open the lines of cellular communication, a domino effect of health begins - including reinforced tight junctions, reduced inflammation, better digestion, and much more.

Most of us were taught that health can be mediated by external sources. A pharmaceutical drug will control blood pressure, another will improve sleep quality or reduce anxiety.  A specialized diet will normalize weight. A detox cleanse will make the body vital. Or a mindfulness meditation or spiritual excursion will make one feel whole. 


At best, all these pursuits are tools to bring us into realization of the intrinsic capacity within each of us to step into our divine integration with nature, the balance of the masculine and feminine energies of the divinity within us, and the balance that lets go of defenses and steps into the fullness of Self. 


When we look to external stimuli as the solution, we fail to see the miracle and beauty of our own nature and healing capacity in the midst of the endless data from devices, labs, surveys etc.  


We have simply forgotten that health is a resonant state of knowing our own Divine Self.

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This workshop is 'in person' only*.

Date:  Friday, 11/11/22

Time:  9:00 am - 12 noon

Location:  6050 Whitegate Crossing

Cost:  $95

*This workshop is fully enrolled.  No spaces available.

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