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"Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field.  I'll meet you there." ~Rumi


Greetings and warm blessings to you,


You are on a unique journey with limitless potential and I am grateful that our paths have crossed so that we may have the opportunity to explore your possibilities for growth and transformation together. There are many components to illness, dis-ease and dis-comfort, but healing physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually is most assuredly the gift of your humanness.


Informational medicine, energy medicine, and consciousness technologies harbor the promise to change an omnipresent misunderstanding of healing in the world today. Drugs and surgery are not the only nor the best way. Within and around each human body lives a magnetic force field - an electrical network - in a constant state of change. As in nature, our higher self or soul, continually strives to achieve balance.


"When we experience health, this electrical network is balanced and fully connected. When something in our life threatens that balance, the electrical system responds by short-circuiting or overloading ... immediately impacting the central nervous system. The body then goes into 'high gear' in an effort to correct the imbalance. If our body does not succeed, we physically manifest the imbalance."*


Illness and dis-ease are not the sole focus of informational medicine, energy medicine, consciousness technologies, or other wholistic approaches. Instead, the heart of these healing approaches lies in restoring all dimensions - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - to an optimal state. The goal is to restore balance in and around the physical body. Every moment is a new point of beginning filled with limitless possibilities.


Healing typically initiates change at all levels. It is crucial that one understand the relationship between the physical body and the subtle bodies (outside the physical) as well as the interrelationship between elements, organs, meridians, chakras and disease patterns. Physical illness is often the result of long-standing emotional suppression. Current mind, body and spirit paradigms recognize the inherent connection between these realms of experience. The mind, body and spirit can be separated only in theory, for in experience they are different dimensions of the same human consciousness.


Generally speaking, 80% of disease is caused by stagnation or blockage while the remaining 20% is caused by deficiency. Stagnation occurs in the physical or subtle bodies when there are inherent weaknesses. It takes time to remove these and is dependent upon how deep the pattern is. Often a deficiency and a blockage occur at the same time. The focus of healing is not to treat the symptoms, but to determine the individual’s imbalances by locating the root cause – and slowly bring it back to a balanced state.

There are many approaches and modalities that employ magnetic and vibrational effects to change energetic fields and patterns in the body-field. They may appear simple or complex, but they are accessible and available to anyone who wishes to change. No one can change you or influence you without your 'permission'. The intent of the recipient always directs what happens and changes in the physical body. Your subconscious chooses whether to 'run' the program (new thoughts, ideas, or energies that are shifted) or not. Although you need not completely understand nor articulate the nuances of such techniques, you must be willing to believe in your body's ability to heal.


On February 12, 2012 I was given this information which has greatly impacted my work with clients:

“The human bodyfield is an exquisite crystalline matrix designed to graciously accept divine light and information, spontaneously reflecting it outward in full brilliance.  This effect enhances the individual, the human journey and most naturally the surrounding field or universe in varying degrees and frequencies.  There are more than two billion holographic crystalline bits continuously thirsting for the light of source energy so its radiance can be returned in nature’s natural responsive course.  The more one instinctively reflects this energy, the greater one’s state of joy.   The greater the joy, the greater the harmony!


“Each being monitors and adjusts this flow of energy (divine light and information) in much the way that one adjusts the flow of water from a faucet.  The stream is most beneficial when it is consistent and smooth.  Too little leaves one wanting.  Too much feels overwhelming, drowning in excess.  Willingness to accept experience and energy flowing unimpeded enhances the crystalline holographic matrix.  Desire to examine a single or a multitude of thoughts, emotions or beliefs slows the energy to a subtle ebb and flow.  Consternation, frustration or despair about daily experience prompts bits of one’s crystalline template to rotate inward.  This protective posturing directs light deeply into the body for healing.  One’s template seeks understanding, turning inward to one’s innate  wisdom.  Instead of reflecting luminosity, there are spaces of perceived emptiness.  This process sanctions unhurried reflection and subsequent rest, but as in nature’s night is designed to be temporary and restorative.  Continued worry, disappointment or despondency provokes more crystalline bits to turn inward.  The human bodyfield once clear and responsive perceives disturbance.  One’s bodyfield becomes dense, dark and heavy.  Energy stagnates within the delicately balanced system affecting layers of the subtle body. 


“Intuitively track the crystalline bits that have rotated inward, manifesting in dis-ease, dis-comfort, or dys-function in the bodyfield’s energetic flow.  Rotated bits continue to link the hologram – in bio-energetic misshapen patterns that interrupt full and consistent integration of light and information.  Identify these patterns for reprogramming, inviting and allowing all non-physical support and guidance.  This process will dismantle entanglement, introduce new ‘programming’ to the bodyfield and make accessible optimal light and information for balance and harmony.”


I welcome the opportunity to share your journey with you whether through private sessions or at my workshops!  

Peace, love and oneness,

Susan Koehler


Read my 'story'....

in the New York Times Bestseller

"Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer Against All Odds"

By Kelly Turner, PhD



**Watch this 15 minute video that shows how changing a state of emotion in the 'Divine Matrix'

literally changes and heals a cancerous tumor:


"Holistic medicine is based on the core belief that unconditional love is life’s most powerful healer.

At its essence, the practice of holistic medicine embraces a spirit of interdisciplinary and physician-patient cooperation;

balances the mitigation of causes with relief of symptoms; integrates conventional and complementary therapies;

and facilitates the experience of being fully alive."

~American Board of Holistic Medicine







*Perelandra Garden Workbook II, Machaelle Small Wright